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The most pertinent publications in three research priorities of the professorship

Social/Quantitative Studies of Science

Bornmann, L., Mutz, R., & Daniel, H.-D. (2013). A multilevel-statistical reformulation of citation-based university rankings: The Leiden Ranking 2011/2012. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 64 (8), 1649-1658.

Hug, S. E., Ochsner, M., & Daniel, H.-D. (2013). Criteria for assessing research quality in the humanities: A Delphi study among scholars of English literature, German literature and art history. Research Evaluation, 22 (5), 369-383.

Patel, V.M., Ashrafian, H., Bornmann, L., Mutz, R., Makanjuola, J., Skapinakis, P., Darzi, A., & Athansiou, T. (2013). Enhancing the h index for the objective assessment of healthcare researcher performance and impact. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, 106 (1), 19-29.

Research on Higher Education

Blossfeld, H.-P., Bos, W., Daniel, H.-D., Hannover, B., Lenzen, D., Prenzel, M., Roßbach, H.-G., Tippelt, R., & Wößmann, L. (2012). Internationalisierung der Hochschulen. Eine institutionelle Gesamtstrategie. Gutachten. Münster: Waxmann. ISBN: 978-3-8309-2735-8.

Mittag, S., Mutz, R., & Daniel, H.-D. (2012). Institutionelle Qualitätssicherung der Lehre auf dem Prüfstand: Eine Fallstudie an der ETH Zürich. Bielefeld: UniversitätsVerlagWebler.

Mutz, R., & Daniel, H.-D. (2013). University and student segmentation: Multilevel latent-class analysis of students` attitudes toward research methods and statistics. British Journal of Educational Psychology, 83 (2), 280-304.

Application of Sophisticated Statistical Procedures

Bornmann, L., Mutz, R., Marx, W. Schier, H., & Daniel, H.-D. (2011). A multilevel modelling approach to investigating the predictive validity of editorial decisions: Do the editors of a high-profile journal select manuscripts that are highly cited after publication? Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A (Statistics in Society), 174, Part 4, 857-879.

Mutz, R., & Daniel, H.-D. (2012). The generalized propensity score methodology for estimating unbiased journal impact factors. Scientometric, (92), 377-390.

Mutz, R., Bornmann, L., & Daniel, H. D. (2012). Heterogeneity of inter-rater reliabilities of grant peer reviews and its determinants: A generalized estimating equation approach. PLoS ONE, 7 (10).

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